Geothermal H&C - How does it work?

Bosch geothermal heat pump systems are some of the most energy and cost efficient on the market, as well as the greenest technology for heating and cooling your home. The technology utilizes the constant temperature of the earth which makes it extremely efficient all year long in virtually any climate.

Being Green Means Saving Green

  • Helps save up to 70% on your energy bills for heating, cooling and hot water because of its more efficient operation when compared to conventional systems.
  • Simple payback could be as short as 5 to 7 years.

Reliability and Unmatched Quality

Bosch is so confident that each Greensource geothermal heat pump is reliable that Bosch backs it with a limited warranty on parts and labor for up to 10 years!

Benefits & Features

  • Recognized as ENERGY STAR Most Efficient with best-in-class performance (COP) and low operating costs to save money
  • 10 year Limited Warranty on parts and labor
  • Quiet operation with sound levels as low as 52 dB
  • Fiber-free, closed-cell insulation provides thermal and acoustic insulation while improving indoor air quality
  • Made in the U.S.A. - factory based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

About Bosch

Intelligent product design and high efficiency

Bosch Thermotechnology is committed to reinventing energy efficiency by offering smart products that work together as integrated systems that enhance quality of life in an ultra-efficient and environmentally friendly manner.

Preventive Maintenance & Service

We provide services for other brands of heat pumps as well.
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