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Top-Quality Residential & Commercial Heating Repairs in Missouri

Brace yourself for Missouri’s chilly winters with expert heating solutions from PennTech, Inc. Our team prioritizes understanding your heating concerns, gathering comprehensive details over the phone. Our certified and insured professionals then assess your heating system, ensuring accurate diagnostics. Plus, we’re transparent about costs, offering a no-obligation estimate before commencing any repair work.

📞 Reach out now for a prompt appointment and secure your complimentary estimate. Our commitment? Quality service with warranty assurance, proactive heating inspections to preempt potential issues, and a promise to respond to every call within a day.

Is your furnace aging beyond 15 years?

Facing recurrent repair hassles or exorbitant energy bills? It’s a sign to consider an upgrade. Rely on Lee’s Summit’s trusted heating specialists at PennTech, Inc. We’re adept at installing a diverse range of brands and models, and to sweeten the deal, we offer a 10-year limited warranty on parts for new installations.

Warning Signs: Carbon Monoxide Emissions from Your Heater

  • Noticeable yellowish hue in furnace flames
  • Presence of soot streaks
  • Unusual moisture accumulation on walls or windows
  • Visible rusting on flue pipes

If any of these red flags surface, it’s imperative to turn off your furnace immediately and contact us. For added safety, we advocate installing a carbon monoxide detector on your premises. In case of an alarm, prioritize evacuating the premises and alerting the local fire department.