Solar Tracking for Residential and Commercial Projects

Our tracking systems are engineered to provide better performance and value. That is why we’ve integrated them with our patented Real-Time Sensing (RTS) Technology which offers complete tracking. RTS works in real-time, it positions our trackers to the highest point of irradiation helping them absorb the maximum sunlight. Our trackers are designed with steel that is 10 times stronger than other similar products.

At PennTech, Inc. we offer the DualTrack 24 for residential solar needs and DualTrack 42 for all commercial applications. Call or text us today for a free estimate!

Benefits to Our Solar Tracking Systems

  • Unlimited power performance
  • 50% more energy than conventional rooftop designs
  • Smart technology with Real-Time Sensing
  • No wasted energy during cloudy days
  • Low maintenance
  • Made in the USA